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Brian Del Alcazar

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I am freelance developer from Caracas, Ve, specialized in building web apps and mobile apps, I'm a full stack developer however, i found myself to work more on back-end. I enjoy to work on all kind of apps in my spare time.

I'm a practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, i attempt to follow that life's philosofy in all my life projects, I enjoy playing all kind of videogames but commonly Fifa.

Latest Projects

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This Web app was develop from scrath with Angular, with an admin that can fully control every component in the Main Page

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Seikyo Indexopen source

I develop this WebApp a few years ago with the goal that all the content of the Seikyos Criollos could be found in this finder

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Seikyo Index Adminopen source

This is the administrator to the Seikyo Index, an administrator can add all the references to the Seikyo Criollo

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Seikyo Index Backendopen source

The Backend of the Seikyo Index communicates with both Seikyo Index and Seikyo Admin.

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Work Experience

Leader and Full Stack Developer - SGIV (2017 - Present)

Leading technology develops like SGIV Web, PD SGIV and other tools.

Full Stack Developer - Logix- UET (2017 - Present)

Main Developer for Mobile Apps

Leader & Full Stack Developer - Siplik / ElevantCL (Nov 2015 - Present)

Leading a team of 4 developers spanning from junior to senior developers working on various platforms related to the medical field and others.

Freelance Full Stack Developer - Datapro (Jul 2017 - Present)

Redesigning the whole platform and adding several functionalities.

Freelance Backend Developer - Mercadolibre Reports (Aug 2017 - Aug 2017)

Develop some modules for obtaining information from users of MercadoLibre and make reports in xlsx.

Freelance Full Stack Developer - MeilMarketing (Dic 2016 - Mar 2017)

Developing a complex platform for send massive amount of emails with advertising of MercadoLibre.

Freelance Full Stack Developer - Unividi (Oct 2016 - Dic 2016)

Private develop of medical appointment calendar.

Full Stack Developer - Siplik (Feb 2015 - Oct 2015)

Part of a team for developing a platform to ease the communication between doctors and patients. I was the responsible of backend and frontend development.